6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Home

Posted on 12th July, 2017


One of the biggest advantages to building a custom home is the return on investment. Not only will you get exactly what your family wants while you live there, you’ll likely make more when you sell. Here are some ways to get the most out of your investment.

Pick Your Location Carefully

There’s a reason everyone talks about location. It really does make all the difference. When you look for a home site, keep resale value in mind. Location matters even more than how a lot looks and what it costs. Think about these factors.

•    How close is it to things that matter? Homes near good schools and trendy shopping centers sell at a premium. 

•    How will the location change while I live there? Research what developments are in the works for the next few years.

•    What’s the neighborhood like? Look at how quickly homes in the area sell. Drive through at all times of the day to discover the neighborhood culture. Find out how common areas are maintained.

Invest in Your Design

Choose the best architectural and interior design you can afford. Soaring entries, windows that frame your magnificent view, and unique architectural elements are what will set your home apart.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Whether you cook or not, kitchens are a major home selling feature. Install custom cabinets and countertops. Go all out when you choose your light fixtures. Buy top-of-the-line appliances. Choose features that will give you years of enjoyment and attract buyers.


Give Yourself Space

When the cost of building starts to rapidly increase, some homeowners compensate by making bedrooms smaller. Very few people ever say, “I wish this room weren’t so big.” Build rooms large enough to begin with and it will pay off both in terms of your family’s comfort and resale value later.


Build Green

Don’t just think in terms of cost-effectiveness when you build. Buying higher rated insulation, appliances, and windows will save you money every time you get a utility bill. The more energy-efficient and eco-friendly you build your home, the more you save.


Plan for the Long Term

Will you need room to care for an aging parent? If so, are there features you need to build into your home now that will make showers and doorways accessible? Will you be having more children? Consider young children when planning features like stairs and bedroom layout.

A custom-built home is a long-term investment. Manchester Homes has been a leading Oklahoma City builder since 1999. Contact our experts today.