— Jun 12, 2017

Why the Benefit of Energy Efficiency Really Shows Up In Summer

Energy-efficient appliances, materials, and tools create value year round, but property owners really see a difference during extreme weather. During very hot or cold seasons, energy-efficient products deliver a similar experience to non-efficient...

— May 30, 2017

Why a Custom Home May Be Right for You

Many home buyers often find potential homes that are almost perfect, but there’s something just not quite right, or one thing they’d love to change to make it a dream come true. If you’ve wondered whether you’ll ever find the perfect home...

— Apr 11, 2017

3 Newest Green Home Technologies

Energy efficiency is becoming a higher priority for many American homeowners. Not only can going green help you save serious money on your energy bills, but it’s also better for the environment. As an added bonus, energy efficient technology often...

— Mar 8, 2017

Five Interior Design Trends For 2017

Each year brings exciting new trends to the world of interior design. If this is your year to design or remodel your home, make it your dream space with the right colors, features, and creative touches. Here are our favorite design crazes of 2017:

— Feb 13, 2017

Four Ways to Make Your New Home Green

Building a new home is exciting and filled with plenty of exciting decisions for you to make. This is the best time to incorporate environmentally friendly options. You can feel good about what you are building and save money far into the future...