— Aug 29, 2016

Smart Soffit's Durability Is Important In Our Green Homes

In our efforts to continue reviewing the standard features in our custom green homes, we’ll take a quick peek at smart

— Jul 29, 2016

Why Water Resistant Barriers are Standard in our Green Home Construction

One of the many ways we ensure durability in our green home construction is with Tyvek, and while

— Jun 29, 2016

Green Label Carpet Products Are Standard in our Green Homes

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, have become a hot topic over

— Apr 20, 2016

Green Home Feature Externally Vented Kitchen and Bath Fans

One of the most effective installations we offer as a standard in our green home construction is the externally

— Mar 18, 2016

Solar Reflective Roof Sheathing is Standard in Our Green Homes

One of the greatest defenses against high summer cooling costs is solar-reflective roof sheathing. You likely know that