— Jul 15, 2015

Green Home Feature: Tankelss Water Heater

As the only Certified Green Builder in Oklahoma City, we at Manchester Green Homes are committed to not only adhering to

— Jun 4, 2015

Staycation with the kids this summer

Well, the weather has warmed (finally!), the sun appears to be out for a little while (again…finally!), and the classroom doors are closed for

— May 15, 2015

This simple, but necessary home task is often overlooked.

So we’ve been blogging consistently for a couple of years, now, and more often than not, our topics are of the list

— Apr 30, 2015

Adults enjoy playing in the dirt, too: Spring Gardening in Oklahoma

With the final freeze long behind us, and sunny days outstretched ahead, we are finding ourselves eager to step outdoors and

— Mar 25, 2015

It's what we walk on....

And sit on, and lie on, and jump around on, and