Building a New, Luxury Home - Rough Guide.

Posted on 10th January, 2018


Building a new home is an exciting time! You can enjoy the luxury of owning a brand new home and watching it come to life right before your eyes. However, there is much to be done throughout the home building process, and it can be overwhelming to get a good grasp and understanding of it all. This rough guide to the building of a new home will hopefully help you learn more about the process and put your mind at ease while knowing what you can expect. Check out the step by step process below.
The first phase of building a new home is the groundwork. The site that you specifically chose for your new home needs to be prepped and ready for building. This process could include anything from clearing and leveling the land, cutting down trees and other landscaping changes, and then lay the foundation of the home. Once the concrete is poured and the foundation is set, the builders can begin framing out your home. You can see the walls and the roof coming together to eventually take the shape of your beautiful new home! This is an especially exciting phase as you can see your home coming to life. Once the foundation is set, the next phase can begin!

The interior of the home is next to take shape. The interior phase includes more framing of the home and all of the indoor details. The team will work on installing plumbing and electrical wiring, as well as the air conditioning and heating system. These interior jobs could take more time than you think, as the jobs are very detailed and take some time to get them installed just right. There are pipes and wiring that all have to be installed throughout your home to make sure everything works correctly when you are ready to move in. You don’t mind the extra time if it means having electricity, right?!
Small Things
The next phase is to make sure all of the little details are in order. Your flooring will be installed during this phase, as well as any other shelving, stairs, cabinets, countertops etc. The team will also paint your home in the beautiful colors you so painstakingly chose, and then all will be ready for the next phase!

The last phase of the home building process is the final walkthrough! This is when you get to walk throughout your home and make sure everything is in its rightful place and as you see fit. Pay close attention to everything so that you are sure to notice anything that needs to be corrected.
After all is said and done and you give the final word, the house is yours and you are ready to move in! Enjoy!