Celebrate Thanksgiving at Your New Home

Posted on 7th November, 2017


According to the Harris poll, Thanksgiving is America’s second most loved holiday, just a few points below Christmas. With around 46 million Turkeys getting eaten all around the Land of the Free, everybody would be celebrating with a full stomach seating around a table with your family and loved ones.

Preparing Your Dishes

Please do know that the Department of Agriculture suggests a fresh turkey be cooked within two days, and with meals being much more delicious with fresher ingredients, preparing not too late or too soon will make a great impact on your cooking. That is why it is suggested to prepare Tuesday or Wednesday to have the best possible fresh meat. However, you have one big adversary for getting that lean fresh turkey and other foodstuff, and that is the great Thanksgiving sales.

Statista, one of the world’s best statistics portal, says that around 26 percent of Americans will begin the Black Friday Holiday shopping early. Imagine 26 percent of 300 million Americans, that is around 78 million people, shopping in the malls with you.

You need time to prepare turkey as well. It takes around five to five and a half hours to cook a turkey that weighs around 22 pounds. For those who prefer to buy the frozen turkey, it takes around 11 to 12 hours to thaw it.

Of course, the turkey is not the only dish you should prepare. Appetizers are also necessary and preparing your wine should be an important agenda as well.

Decorating Your Home

After food, ambiance is the second most important characteristic for Thanksgiving. Making a memorable Thanksgiving should not be a herculean task.

You can place a message board for your visitors so that you can have some great memorabilia of that Thanksgiving. Your guests would definitely remember your welcome as well.  Do not forget a thankful wreath to show, well, thanksgiving for the wonderful time and creative candleholders are also a plus. Do not underestimate your candleholders; great candleholders will not only hold a bright candle but your visitors’ attention as well. With a thankful wreath giving a jolly air and the candles giving you warm lights, you can be assured that your Thanksgiving will be one to remember!

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