Christmas Treats and Dessert Ideas

Posted on 8th December, 2017



Happy Christmas From Manchester Homes – Christmas Treats and Dessert Ideas

Here at Manchester Homes, we love the holiday season. Our homes are always decorated for Christmas and the holiday spirit shines throughout our neighborhoods. If you are looking for a way to spread some Christmas joy to your neighbors this holiday season, homemade treats are always a good idea. We compiled a list of some of the easiest and tastiest Christmas treats and dessert ideas you can share with friends and neighbors this holiday season. So grab your apron and get started! Pick one, or two or all!

Cookies are always a good idea when it comes to Christmas treats. For an easy Christmas cookie and holiday favorite, make some Christmas themed sugar cookies. You can pick up some cookie cutters at your local store in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa, presents and other holiday shapes. Make the cookies as directed on the package or find a homemade recipe that you love. With colorful icing, sprinkles, and other toppings you can create a festive sugar cookie and get to decorating! Tie them up with some clear wrap and holiday ribbon and voila!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? When it comes to Christmas desserts and treats, chocolate is a staple. Try dipping some pretzels in chocolate and then sprinkling with red and green sprinkles. Or make some brownies and cut them with a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter. Add green icing and sprinkles for lights, and finish this cute treat off with a peppermint stick for the tree trunk and you’ve got a whimsical, yummy treat! Chocolate fudge is another great holiday treat that is simple to make.

Other treats

Make a cute and edible ornament by placing peppermints in a circle on a cookie sheet, then baking until slightly melted and the peppermints are joined together. While still hot, poke a small hole in the top of the wreath and let it cool. Once cooled, tie a ribbon through the hole and you’ve got an ornament! Peppermint bark made from white chocolate is also festive and yummy, as well as Ritz crackers with peanut butter in between, dipped in white chocolate.

These easy treats are just a few of the desserts you can make for the holiday season. They are great for giving out as gifts and taking to parties. Everyone is sure to love them and be thankful for the gift!