A Rough Guide to Building a Home

Posted on 11th August, 2017



If you’ve decided to build a home you are in for an exciting journey! Building your own home means you get to decide what you want out of your new home. Whether this is your first time building a new home or not, you might not be familiar with the process. Below is a rough guide for building a home in order to give you an idea of what to expect.


Site Preparation


The first step in the home building process is the site preparation. This will usually include the pouring of the foundation, which first includes having the land cleared and prepped for the foundation to be laid. Trees might need to be cut or ground leveled before the foundation can be poured. Once the foundation is laid, the framing is then constructed. A rough framing of the floor, walls, and roof will begin to take shape.


Interior Work


The next phase of the home building process will be to work on the interior of the frame of the home. This phase will include the installation of plumbing and electrical work. The electrical work will include wiring for lighting and electricity as well as the HVAC installation and ductwork as well. Plumbing includes installing the necessary pipes and water and sewer lines throughout the property and the inside of the home. The drywall for the walls will be hung, as well as beams, painting, etc. Any other interior wall details will be completed at this time such as brickwork for the fireplace or any other details.


Flooring and Smaller Details


The next step is for the flooring to be laid. Carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, baseboards, crown molding, stairs, and other details will be completed at this time as well. Other smaller details such as cabinetry, fireplaces, painting, countertops, backsplash, etc. will be finished off. Landscaping will likely be completed during this phase as well.


Final Walkthrough


Finally, you get to do a final walkthrough to see your new home! This is the time you will get to see your new home and point out any issues or corrections that you want to make before the home building process is correct. Be thorough in your walkthrough in order to be sure you are completely satisfied with your new home.


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