Variety of Craftsmanship in Homes

Posted on 10th October, 2017


In the late 19th Century until the 1930s, craftsmanship in homes reached the apex of popularity. The design heavily borrowed from the homes of the bygone Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland and England. This architectural concept makes generous use of woodwork, including the seating and cabinetry. The façade is very distinct because of the elaborate braces and beams, exposed rafters, broad eave overhangs and porches with round columns.

While craftsmanship in homes represents a particular era, there are many types of Arts and Crafts designs to choose from. In fact, it’s a common belief that a craftsman home should always be a bungalow, which is not always the case. This bungalow-type craftsmanship, however, was very popular between 1905 and 1930.
Apart from the Bungalow, the other varieties of Arts and Crafts in homes are:

Prairie – aims to blend with its surroundings. They use copious amounts of horizontal lines, wide overhanging eaves, and earthy materials. It was meant to be the opposite of the ornate Victorian homes in the late 19th Century.  

Mission – Also called Mission Revival. You have twisted columns, covered walkways, exposed rafters, tile roof, square pillars and arched entries. This design has been updated in today’s time, which is now called Neo-Mission.

Foursquare – In rural areas, this was the most popular Arts and Crafts home back then. It has a low-pitched roof with overhang while the whole structure is shaped like a box. This is usually a two-story house characterized by a very Spartan design.

Western Stick – True to its name, this craftsmanship house design is always paying homage to the sky—everything is pointed upwards. As Arts and Crafts go, the architecture is quite elaborate as it was inspired by the Victorian-style houses in England. Even the chimney and roof are patterned after the houses in the English medieval period.

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