What is Green?

The components of a green home are designed to work together like a system as a whole while other homes are typically built as a collection of systems.  Special consideration is given to water and energy efficiency, indoor air quality, durability of construction, environmental impact and how they all relate to one another.  Bottom line; a certified green home should be built to last longer, be healthier and safer to live in, cost less to own and operate and be more environmentally responsible than a code-built home.  Many of the processes and technologies that go into a green home happen behind the scenes and behind the walls. What can a homebuyer look for?

Look for an NAHB Research Center Certified Green certificate; the homeowner's guarantee that the home was built according to one of the levels of green outlined in the NAHB Model Green Home Building Standards. The NAHB Research Center is the sole certifier recognized by NAHB’s National Green Building Program.  Manchester Green Homes was the first builder in the state of Oklahoma committed to building all of our new inventory homes Certified Green.

Key components of a Manchester Green Home include:

Energy-Efficient Features - Beyond Energy Star. An Energy Star qualified home will typically save 15% - 20% on your heating and cooling bills.  Our Certified Green homes are designed and independently tested and certified to save up to 50%.

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters - Save money and never run out of hot water!
  • High Effeciency Heat & Air System and Sealed Ducts - Save money and improve indoor air quality!
  • Argon-Filled Low-E Windows - Saves money and blocks most of the UV rays that cause fading in your home!
  • 2x6 Walls on 2' Centers - More rigid than 2x4 on 16" centers and offers much more insulation.
  • Solar-Reflective Roof Sheathing - Lowers attic temperatures; dramatically saving money and increasing comfort.
  • R-44 Attic Insulation - Well exceeds code requirements and saves money.
  • Insulated Foundation - Protects foundation from frost heaving and saves money.
  • Frame and Attic Sealing - Extensive sealing of cracks and voids on the exterior envelope of the house is just as important as insulation. Big money saver!

Indoor Air Quality Features

  • Low VOC Paint - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) have been proven to be harmful to your health.
  • Green Label Carpet, Pad and Floor Adhesives - Reduced VOC content over standard carpet.
  • Externally Vented Kitchen and Bath Exhaust Fans - Takes generated pollutants out.
  • Sealed Combustion Direct Vent Fireplace - Reduces chance of Carbon Monoxide emissions in your home.
  • Positive Pressure Fresh Air System - This is a big deal on a tightly sealed home like ours.

Durability Features 

  • Tyvek or Zipwall Water Resistive Barrier - Reduces likelihood of water intrusion which can cause mold, deterioration, and costly repairs.
  • Detailed Door and Window Flashing - Reduces air and water infiltration.  Most builders aren't doing this!
  • Concrete Wallboard in Tiled Wet Areas - Won't rot or grow mold.
  • Smart Soffit in Eaves - 7/16" structural board VS 1/4" mahogany plywood.

This is just a partial listing of our high performance and green features.  Each home is built a little different depending on the lot and many other variables.  See your Manchester Green or Elite Homes Sales Reprsentative today to learn more about our high performance and green home specifications!